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Funding of CHP Plants

Client Funded

If our client wishes to fund or part fund the project, then the advantages to the client are maximised. 

In addition to a healthy saving to energy ad heating costs, income is achieved through the export of power to the national grid, along with the Renewable Incentives offered by the government for this type of project.

If you are in a position to part fund the project, Biomass Engineering can support in the raising of funds for the remaining equity or debt ofthe project.

Not all clients are in the position to commit to this level of fundiong however and a Fully Funded option is available.

Fully Funded 

Biomass Engineering have experience of developing CHP projects on the sites of clients, who dont provide the project funding, but do have the benefit of ow priced power and heat, as well as rental income from the land used by the CHP plant

If the fully funded option is preferred, then the CHP company would be jointly owned by the funder and Biomass Engineering as project developer. There remain opportunities for key project partners to participate in some equity holding in the CHP company even with this funding route.

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