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Q. Is it easy to get planning for this type of installation?

A. Planning can be a tricky business. Each project has its own challenges to overcome. We are ideally placed to rise to these challenges having ensured we have the right experienced staff on board.


Q. How long can planning take?

A. It depends on the type of planning imposed on the project, but as a rule of thumb 18-24 months


Q. How much land is required for the project?

A. On average at least 0.5 of a hectare is required for the 4.8MWe plant. Good access and a heat off take is also required


Q. Once I have planning is that it?

A. No, planning is only one element of the project you still have gas, grid and water connections as well as the final permits to allow you to run


Q. Can I get help with most of the connections?

A. Yes, each utility have people you can talk to, however it can take time, especially if you do not have a defined requirement. Our business can facilitate this process in all areas.


Q. If I have the land and the heat/power requirement, can you manage everything?

A. Yes, we have a proven ability to take the basic elements and pull together the planning, permitting, financing and project. We can facilitate the contacts, PPAs and heat off take. The project company may also pay a healthy ground rent for 20yrs as well.



Q. Can I have help with funding?

A. Yes, there is a potential to have the project fully funded, with a possible option to partake in an equity stake.


Q. How does that work?

A. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) company is set up, which owns the project, pays the rental and sells the heat and electrical power. There is a possibility for you to own a stake in this SPV.


Q. Do funded projects pay rental on the land?

A. Yes, normally a 20 year rental lease is negotiated




Q. What is CHP?

A. CHP stands for Combined Heat and Power. This is when a scheme produces Heat from the prime mover and electricity.


Q. What is a prime mover?

A. The prime mover is the technology that produces the electrical power, in our case a steam turbine.


Q. What power does the turbine produce?

A. Our general configuration produces 4.8MWe gross, 2MWth or a larger 9MWe, 4MWth is available.


Q. What temperature is produced?

A. A standard configuration will give over 100 Degrees Celsius, which can be used via a heat exchanger for many applications including chilling.


Q. At what voltage is this produced?

A. 11KV at the terminals


Q. How is the turbine driven?

A. The turbine receives high pressure steam from the boiler


Q. How is the steam raised?

A. Biomass material is fired on an enclosed grate which produces heat. This is channelled through a boiler which heats water up to above boiling point. This produces steam.



Q. Is the technology proven?

Yes, the UK is well behind the rest of Europe. Many of these have been operating for many years in other countries.



Q. Is the system fully automated?

A. While the system is automated, it still requires the presence of personnel in order to ensure regular checks are made and the wood floor is kept full.


Q. How many personnel are needed?

A. Generally the 4.8MWe projects will have 4-5 people at any one time



Heat and power take off


Q. What is the design life of the technology?

A. 20 years.


Q. Do I have to use all the power?

A. No, you can have as much or as little as you wish. The remainder goes to the grid.


Q. How does that work?

A. A power purchase agreement (PPA) is set up for export to the grid as well as a contract for a private wire from the project company to your company. In it you agree to purchase power at a given rate. This rate will generally be below market rates for the 20 year project duration.


Q. Do I have to use all the heat?

A. All of the heat must be used, whether it is just by you or a consortium of companies near the plant.


Q. How does that work?

A. As with the private wire above, a contract for delivering heat and the use of heat will be entered into. The price of heat will generally be substantially below market price


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